Oil Eating bacteria that can clean oil spills and Pollution

Professor Satinder Kaur Brar at the Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory. Credit: Institut national de la recherche scientifique

New research on oil eating bacteria led by an Indian origin researcher Prof. Satinder Kaur Brar and her team at National institute of Research in Canada have found that there is bacterium that can degrade Oil products. And it helps in oil spills to cleaning up oil. Oil spills are come under those disaster that occur on a regular basis and it leads to bad impact on environment and leaves a decontamination challenge that require huge investment, time and resource to clean up the site.

Oil eating bacteria is such microorganism they born by the continuous mixing of water and into barrels of Oil allowed bacterial bloom and barrels of oil turns into an 100 sextillion microbial cells of oil eating Alcanovorax and they use oil as a fuel to survive. These microorganisms also help in BP’s 2010 oil spill and eating a lot of the natural gas.

The next steps for Brar’s team are to find out more about how these bacteria metabolize hydrocarbons and explore their potential for decontaminating sites. we hope this bacterium can be effective at a rate great enough to be beneficial.


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